Our fans are Our Family. We are all here to help the planet we live on in our own unique way. Helping better the world starts by taking the first steps, and realizing we have a problem that needs attention. Most people begin by turning off the lights when they leave a room, which is a great step towards the right direction. But there is so much more we can accomplish as a community. By bringing people together through the power of music, we provide a platform for Our Family to learn and to work together for a brighter tomorrow.

We are dreamers, over-and-under achievers, tree huggers, mental and environmental health junkies, and we are backed by a team of talented people in the media and technology industries with the goal of sharing information and ideas for the purpose of producing sustainable change on our planet. We are a network of world changers meeting at a nexus in order to create a new community and inspire change. We live in the ideal and the real world, where promoting green is not always altruistic but nevertheless inspired and stimulated by the exchange of ideas, information, and technologies.

Our mission is simple; to bring people together through the power of music to inform, educate, and inspire Our Family to move toward the green movement. We want to make people aware that sustainable alternatives exist for just about everything we use on a daily basis, and they’re beautiful, and they’re here. We want to be the voice for a collective shout that demands: Make it green!

The Our Life Festival Logo is a representation of Our Community’s role in caring for our environment and each other. Its design depicts our desire to educate and inspire Our Family through the fascinating power of music.